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Trip to Fairy Land on a Budget: A Short Guide to Venice

Honeymoon trips are usually meant to be lengthy affairs, and keeping up with the tradition in what emphatically turned out to be a “dream holiday” for us, we decided to cover Greece and Italy on an 18 days itinerary. After… Continue Reading →

Bhrigu Mahesh, Phd: The Return of Damayanti – A Review

Monsoon is generally the season I most associate with books. Earlier, in my childhood, I used to curl up in my nook with Agatha Christie or Arthur C Doyle and be oblivious of the sticky humidity that forbade us to… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Life Goal: Is Motherhood Overrated?

To be or not to be, that is the million dollar question, dear Horatio. Countless articles, blogs and even books have been written on the glory of Motherhood – that precious halo shining through all the dismal worries and hardships… Continue Reading →

Open-Eyed Meditations: A Review

They say the dreams we see with our eyes closed don’t take wings till they first learn how to fall and hit the ground. Rationale is the cornerstone of civilisation, or else we are left with nothing but nihilism. In a world… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Visit Jaipur!

According to the Condé Nast Traveller Reader’s Travel Awards 2016, Jaipur seems to be one of the most favoured tourist destinations of India; and it really breaks my heart to admit that it’s true, because there are so many other worthy competitors and… Continue Reading →

Change is in the air!

For all of those who have noticed the sudden name change of my blog, yes, it is official. Going forward, D Lonely Stoner will be known as the Chaotic Paperback. Right now, I am still using the old domain, but within the… Continue Reading →

Keeper of memories: Humayun’s Tomb

Death has a funny way of scraping its butt end upon the living. We all die, of course, but since we are such narcissists, it is never enough for us to merely live. And if we can’t live forever, then we should… Continue Reading →

My red blooded Italian muse: The Olivetti Dora typewriter

Why the hell do you need a typewriter? A couple of months back while rambling along the cobbled streets of Rome I remember coming across an old lady walking down the other side of the street. The first thing I… Continue Reading →

My Greek Odyssey: 48 Hours in Athens

Athens has never been on my travel-list. In fact, I had always considered it as a stop-over for the other, more famous greek islands, but somehow this 3000 years old city managed to exceed all my expectations and retain all… Continue Reading →

My Greek Odyssey: Mykonos – In the heart of Cyclades

Nestled in between the tiny Cycladic Islands of Tinos and the uninhabited Delos, Mykonos is an idyllic Mediterranean retreat for the beatnik traveller. Freckled with pristine sandy beaches and clear, azure waters of the Aegean sea, this Cycladic island combines its… Continue Reading →

Turning Thirty: Trip to Mc Leodganj – PART III

For most young people, life as they imagine, ends at 29. The dreaded thirty is the hallmark of change – jobs, engagements, marriages, babies, wrinkles – you are supposed to have them all beside relinquishing a few others like parties, booze,… Continue Reading →

Turning Thirty: Trip to Mc Leodganj – PART II

When does one glass of wine become one glass too many? When you awake the morning after and realize it’s time for dinner. We woke up just in time for a late lunch. I should now probably gloss over those… Continue Reading →

Turning Thirty: Trip to Mc Leodganj – PART I

There is still a case to be made for a religion which can put a smile in your face and warmth in your heart in a cold winter morning. Having said that, I must confess I never thought celebrating one’s… Continue Reading →

The Pink Oleanders

It was the winter of 1990, at about the same time when our country was being paraded on the world stage for pennies, when I first realized that fairy tales are an oxymoron. My sister Greta says it’s not what… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Kali: Ajaya II – Book Review

This post was first published in Tell-a-tale. Religious History has a way of weaving itself into the strands of our life in a most profound manner. Though an atheist myself, I cannot help but explore the endless ocean of mythical… Continue Reading →

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