The security guard, in the meanwhile had gone up to kaku for a bribe. I looked back and saw them involved in some animated discussion. Not caring a pence ’bout the world, I turned back and started walking down towards the forest. I was almost engulfed in the fog when suddenly I heard my name being shouted from behind. Reluctantly I turned back towards the car and walked with a studied slow gait, the smoke and the mist turning to one in front of my face. I could feel the raw, chilling wind biting into my face. I was almost near the gate when suddenly there was a low grunt, coming directly from my left. The suddenness of it all made me stand paralyzed and perplexed at that very spot. I looked up at others to see whether they have heard it or not, but they were still engaged in some conversation so at first I thought I was just getting paranoid. My shoulders began to get relaxed, when suddenly I heard the grunt again, this time nearer.

This time I waited for the moan to repeat. Moments ticked by… I saw the guard finally turning to open the gate, everybody shuffling inside the car and rearranging themselves, the cab driver squashing the smoke-butt with his shoes, Doyel calling me frantically from the car window…. but no groan came. I finally slackened the tension on my shoulder muscles and throwing away the butt, I walked down towards the car.

Sunrise was near at hand…the moon had already started blanketing itself with the first blush of rays, the stars were slowly fading into the twilight. Inside, the forest was just awakening from its slumber. Noises of bird chirping came from within the shadows of the leaves. Watching the trail by the window we suddenly saw a herd of does looking up at us expectantly. The cool morning breeze brushed against my face,as if trying to woe me….. a heady dawn.