Have you ever tried trekking at 12 in the noon, with the sun showering its love on you with all its might? I know, love can be a bit tiring at times. 🙂 Our sweat glands had increased their infernal capacities overnight, it seemed. Doyel’s lemon water did little to quench that burning thirst we felt every few mins. But then, as we made our way to the stream through coffee and black pepper plantations, a flicker of hope glimmered in the horizon.

The river, or I should say the stream, was like a rippling black python, gliding through the weeds and the backwoods. Flanked by wild thickets and overgrown trees on either side, it was a virgin forest where the hands of man has not yet set foot. We all were sweltering so much in the stifling heat that none of us could wait for long to touch the ice cold water. Doyel was the first one to dive in… and also the first one to start screaming….. She thought she saw a leech :)kaku had to wade towards her and carry her ashore… sadly that was the end of her little adventure!

Up stream, there was some fallen logs on the water, where we made ourself comfortable for the photo-session that followed soon after. The soft afternoon rays at our back and the cool rippling water soon transported us to one of the laziest afternoon we ever spent; the only thing missing was a bottle of champagne….. yeah I missed my spirits too 🙂 . We laid there for, like hours, waiting for the sun to set on the far horizon. Reality was an unknown stranger we never met.