Tasha, the protagonist of this post, is an eighteen months old female Labrador. I took her in my care when she was just 40 days old, and from then on, it has been a roller-coaster ride for both of us. If I was ever in doubt as to whether I could be a good parent or not, then thanks to her, now I can say for surety that I’m a lost case as far as parenting is concerned. I’d actually taught her how to climb stairs up and down and jump from heights, by literally holding her through each step. And now, like the saying goes, I curse myself coz she can’t stop jumping around.

Anyway, let me cover the most interest topic first. So this was almost a year back, and Tasha was hardly 4-5 months old. We have this wonderful restaurant, a Biriyani house right in the heart of Bangalore, which serves Biriyani with aloo in it (Bengali Style). Since it was the first time I ordered Biriyani after Tasha’s arrival, I thought of letting her taste a spoonful of it. I ended up giving her almost half a bowl, but that’s beside the point. So it is night and Tasha as usual was sleeping outside. Everything seemed normal, so I switched off the light and dozed off.

Now I have an indescribable fear of the paranormal. I know you might be laughing, but there’s that and I’ve been trying to live with it for the last 27 years of my life. So when in the middle of the night, I suddenly woke up to a sound, my first reaction was “OMG, now I’m dead”. But then I realized it’s just the sound of snoring. Snoring? But I stay alone! AND IT IS COMING FROM RIGHT UNDER MY BED!

Somehow, just somehow I managed to switch on the torch in my phone and very, very hesitatingly I peeped under the bed, only to find…. Tasha!

And that was the day I discovered her love for Bengali-style Biriyani! So have you ever heard a dog snoring? I’m so proud to say that I have! Yes, she might have chewed her way to almost 50k worth of furniture, so what? With that snoring and the smile she gives me when I return home after a long, hard day (her face has that most incredulous grin I ever saw), it’s so totally worth it!

Let me present to you the star herself….
Tasha, the professor!