The poem that I’m about to share is a child of love. There is a hand of another soul in this figment of imagination, a soul so much like my own and yet so different.

I share this today without your permission ‘coz that’s the only dedication I can give to us, my nameless friend.

This poem was written in three parts – the credit of the first two parts goes to that unique soul, the unnamed pilgrim who, like a lightening spark, mocks the heaven and dares hell to douse its fury. I’m just a means to the end..

Part I:

It rained all night in me & you
a mirage of love, you played for a while
And a tear ran down in me & you

I wrote your name on the placid blue waters
And the sky broke lose in me & you

Read my lips and touch my songs
Do write a story in me, won’t you?

Kiss me tonight and make a memory
to hold for years, in me & you

love me like something you have never before loved
perfume this moment with me in you

wear this moonlight and shine on me
let me go blind in you & you

soaked with the love that rained last night
I woke up with the prints of… you in me & me in you

Part II:

Let us go then, you & I
where the morning smile fades upon a drooping eye
where the Rosemarie behold a withering under the bleak sky

Let us go then, You & I
to fetch a kayak to sail above the horizon
n sell this world in small change
while collecting the dew from the trail of stars

Let us go then, you & I
to undone our souls green-teen ever new
Biting upon the fragility of broken desires
A handful of me while a skyful of you
Let us love then, you & I, forever

Part III:

Let us dance den, you & I
Let’s waltz into the shadows of the night
Burning, scorching, writhing in sin
Like moths to flame, two souls akin

Let us smother then, you & I
This nameless essence, to love’s battle cry
Scarred and bruised and yet not tamed
Love’s adoration, eternally shamed

The music of siren mourning for the soul
Shutting out silence, ringing death’s knoll
Be blind, be numb still,
Or die in the blazing flame of winter’s chill

Can you hear the wails of Banshee?
The sky’s bleeding out on you & me
It’s time my love, for rudra’s sail to fly
Let’s dance to death’s door den, you & I…