6:14 pm, Sunday, 26th Jan’14

I have been trying all morning not to cry and carry on normally like every other day, but I failed, miserably. Why is it so difficult not to be selfish when you’re sad? It’s like you become blind to everything else but your own set of problems.

I like to think myself as an atheist…well, most of the time. But then life throws a practical joke on you and you do a double take, perchance forcing your mind to reconsider the possibilities of a higher power with a weird sense of humour.

So right now I’m trying to pray to whichever Higher Power there is, if there is, to give me selflessness and awareness ’bout the pain that surrounds me, rather than the pain that’s in me. Hoping that’ll make me humble and help me be more objective towards this writing challenge, since right now I’m straying wildly away from the path.


edit: I just noticed, I’ve been inserting the year as 2013 in all my lunch posts… old habits die hard I guess ;P Doing a quick editing on all of them