This is the last of my Lunch Post for the week and perhaps the most irregular of the lot. I was watching TV while having lunch today. I know, that makes me sound so droll. There was this cooking show coming up at Fox Traveller and the guy was preparing Onion Soup. As he was cutting up the leeks and the onions, standing there in his blue checkered shirt and rubbing his teary blue eyes, I couldn’t help but feel all the time that this is not what I would want for lunch. Give me Nigella Lawson anyday and I would brush off Jamie for a peek into her cooking. Does that make me prefer Italian more than English cuisine? But I thought I was an Anglophile. Though, in the end I actually liked how the soup turned out, especially the piece of toast and lots of cheddar that he added and baked till golden brown. All dripping with the sauce, they did made me hungry after all!