I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

For today’s  challenge, Write Tribe Festival Of Words challenge: Day-2, we are supposed to show some blog-love; which means we need to think beyond  just our own selfish work and try to promote someone else’s blog in our page. And for this I’ve decided to showcase 3 of my most favorite blogs. Now I agree, 3 is quite an odd number but odd is good, don’t you think??

From my old days, here is one blog that I had grown to love : Doper’s Diary,

My second favorite would be : Kiss The Rain

There is really no reason why I love these two blogs so much. Maybe because of the simplicity in style and the deep flow of emotions that both the blogs so beautifully portrayed, maybe because they both reminds me of who I used to be; maybe because I can relate to what they write; Maybe because they make me aware of the things that used to be and the warmth that I used to feel.

Sadly, the first blog, Doper’s Diary has not been updated in a long while and I have no clue why.

Okay, moving on, my third favorite would be: Sideways Glance

This one caught my interest mainly because of the author’s slightly different take on photography, art and life. Yes I include Life, because all his posts invariable show you a glimpse of the vibrancy called life.

That’s about it. I promised three, and perhaps I haven’t done full justice to either of them, but then in my mind, they are just F-A-N-T-A-BU-L-O-U-S!!!