Fear seek me, desire me

With its cold hands,

Twisting my soul

And tearing my faith.

Appearing like beads of sweat

In a cold winter dawn

Hiding underneath its pocket

the grim despair of crushed dreams.


Fear is a fellow skyscraper

In a city of decay & death

Desolation creeping through

Faceless streets

It reeks of Cigarette stubs

and grimy fingernails

Surrounding darkness like a misty smog

the cold window of angel’s last breath


In this darkness,

There is nothing to see.

No rain, sleet, or snow,

No wind about to blow,

No leaves about to fall,

No lightning about to crash.

Fear is nothing,

But yet everything unknown.


A free write is supposed to be spontaneous. So for today’s WriteTribe Festival Of Words challenge, I set my timer to 30 minutes, (instead of the preferred 15, so that I don’t feel rushed), plugged in my earphones and listened to my favorite song (Ancora Qui) in repeated loops till I was inspired to write something. The result was this poem; though on another perspective, it seems rather odd that a love song can inspire so much fear.

Initially I thought of striking it off and giving it another try but then realized the result would vary but slightly. The thing is, this is really my first hands-on in Free Writing and I’m not impressed with the way it came out. There is no rhyme or lyric to justify the poetry and I could probably have done a far better job otherwise, I think. But then, I took up this challenge mainly because it gave me the chance to write off the cuff. What finally made me set aside my doubts to go ahead and publish this poem is the realization that like me, this poem may be imperfect and dark, but it is still beautiful and free-spirited to its core.