establishing shot

Rusted winter leaves

Slowly falling around me,

Surrounds me in hope;


A white bird wanders

Looking for its nest of peace,

Leaves the sky alone.


An empty lone road

Strewn with white dust, reckons me

Beckons me back home.


Fallen summer dreams,

Rising from its heathen dust,

Trusts in life anon.


My sore muddy feet

Lies in drunken thoughts too soft

Scoffs at pain and lust.


In the roads we met,

Lies broken stories untold,

Mould in grass and dust.


This week’s writing challenge, Threes has been a completely new things for me, as far as my writing experience goes. The task was to take up three pictures and paint them in my own words. I deliberately chose to create Haiku, since it is something I haven’t yet challenged myself to do – till date. So yes, this is my first ever attempt at something that is now something of a global phenomena.

All the images used above for the Challenge, are of my own. It was last year I guess, when I took a trip to Kasauli, that I clicked these pics in my smartphone.  The first pic is of the resort I stayed in and the next two pics are of the road that ran across it. Thought of using them up for inspiration, since they very well served my purpose.