women's day

Amidst the glorious and heroic tales of men,

There lies a story, safely hidden

Under the ashes of history’s burning flame;

The story of Eden’s eternal shame.


A tale woven with scarlet letters,

All she desired was to be unfettered

By chains of ignorance and darkness, but her fight was in vain;

‘Cause she is Eden’s eternal shame.


The fruits of her labour poisoned in her mind,

She wished to better herself and her kind,

She has known neither glory nor lain claim to false fame;

She is Eden’s eternal shame.


Temptation and disobedience were her sin

She is the root of evil and cause of mankind’s chagrin

Should she be enshrined? You dare not so claim;

For she is Eden’s eternal shame.


The soul of the sinner and also the saint;

She had borne her yoke with quite constraint

Through the ages, Time finds her story unchanged;

The story of Eden’s eternal shame.


First of all, I wish all of you wonderful, beautiful ladies out there a Very Happy Women’s Day! To mark this occasion, women all over the world are being celebrated today for the change they wrought in their personal lives and in the lives of others. Events are being organized, stories are being written, award ceremonies arranged and even the markets are being flooded with products riding on the promotional bandwagon of womanhood. In all this hustle & bustle of consumerism and pseudo-intellectualism, sadly we do not find even a single mention of Eve, the evil temptress and the very soul of womanhood.

From the beginning of civilization, Eve’s story reflects the fate of each and every woman across the globe. In a way, we all are the essence of Eve because she epitomizes all that the Voice of Men has denounced in womankind over the ages: treacherous, weak, seductive and disloyal.  Right from Friedrich Nietzsche to our very own V.S Naipaul, we find the same Finger of Censure being pointed towards us: Women were created to be inferior to Men. Look at the great philosophers of all time: from Plato to Budhha, no one considered Women pure enough to pursue the path of spiritual enlightenment successfully; because they are born with “the sin” (and that’s one reason why you won’t find any women lamas). Which makes one think, has anything really changed or are we fighting under a self-made illusion of being liberated? No matter how much progress we have made, Men are still forewarned against trusting a woman and Women against trusting one another.

But has anyone ever thought that if the Book of Genesis were to be taken even slightly seriously, then the entire humankind is indebted to women, because they are the actual cause of all the progress of humankind? After all, if the fruit of knowledge has not been passed on to Man then we would have been living perpetually in the Dark Ages.

Point in case: If there is a God, and He really wanted Men to rule the earth would He have really wanted the fruit of knowledge to be guarded forever from Humankind? After all, what kind of parent stops his children from playing, in concern for his safety? I think what Eve did calls for a standing ovation from the human-race all over the world. What do you think? Should the term, Original Sin be re-coined to Original Virtue??

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Photo Courtesy: Myself, Taken at Varanasi @ Assi Ghat