It’s finally time for the curtain to rise! For those who are unaware about the A to Z Blogging Challenge, we need to blog one post each day of April, on topics that would be based on the English alphabets, starting with the letter A. Sundays are off so we get 26 posts for the 26 days in April. This is my first year as a participant in the challenge, so like most newbies I’m treading the waters cautiously.

When I signed up for the challenge I really didn’t give much thought about how should I go around it. But then I read the post by Multicolored Diary and since I have submitted two blogs at once – both D Lonely Stoner and The Indian Way, I realized it might be a good idea to have a rough sketch of what I can practically do without stressing myself out too much. So with 12 days to go, I opened up my excel sheet and started jotting down all the crazy ideas that came to my mind. After three days of jostling and scratching out the more obnoxious ones, here is what I got in the end:

1. For my craft blog, The Indian Way, I’m not doing any theme. It has to be random or else I know I will be just increasing my chance of not getting the survivor badge at the end of the challenge.

2. For this blog, I have divided my themes into 5 different weeks. So for the first week, it’s flash fiction (I’ll try to keep it within the 750 words ambit); for the second week, it’s Haiku followed by a 9-sentence fiction in the third week. The 4th week I’m keeping it random, just to relax a bit and rant about anything I feel like. The last week which consist of the last three days of the challenge will be devoted to Poetry.

3. I have really not decided on the General Theme and after much deliberations, I have decided to try keep it revolving around Mysticism, Fantasy, Fairy Tales and Seasons (but of course, it might drift wide apart in certain cases since I really don’t know what I might come up with in the end).

I have almost finished decided on the post titles for each day, though the letters I, X and Z are proving to be tough nuts to crack. So that’s all the preparation I have done till now. Good Luck with yours, if you’re participating in it too!