Softly, cities wake

Snowy white fortresses falls

Cold winter retires


Carousel of love

With silly Valentine gifts

And endless gay tweets


Yellow butterfly

Frolicking under the sun

A spring dream blossoms


Image courtesy: Second Sister Suaviloquy


F is for February! Welcome to the second week of April. Hope you all had a great weekend. The theme for this week is Haiku, where I will be posting three Haikus everyday on the same theme. Why three? Because, I started Haiku that way with the Threes challenge.

February always reminds me of hope, of new dreams and the innumerable possibilities of life. With spring just around the corner, it also tells us to share a bit more love the way nature does… selflessly.

In India we celebrate Saraswati Puja during February.  Saraswati is the goddess of wisdom and knowledge and on that day we are supposed to dress up in yellow/saffron sarees/dress and worship the Mother; so for me, February has always been yellow – bright and sunny, heralding a new beginning.

Dedicating this post to the month of love and linking it to Day#6 of the Challenge.