K is for Kaleidoscope! I was going to write K is for Kashmir, but last night while I was trying to work on my post, my brother knocked my bedroom door and came in with his newest composition. I heard it, named it and used it as a prompt for this post!! Here is the link to the music composed by Q (as he likes to call himself), from which my haikus are inspired:


Swirling and changing

Fluid in space, droplets of waves

Violet, red and green


The color changes

As seasons into new dreams

Patterns old and new


Steps tapping down, down

Sparkling diamonds dancing through

Flowers, reeds and stones


Linking this post to Day#11 of the challenge and with this comes the end of this week’s theme (Haiku). The theme for next week is 9 sentence fiction! Till then Sayonara and have a great weekend!!