“Tell us Fool, When does a prince get very wet?”

This was directed towards the crown prince, who was known to wet his bed when inebriated on wines.

When he becomes the reigning monarch, my lord!”

The crowd hooted shamelessly at yet another vapid joke from the Fool.

Appointed as the court jester, he was in reality the rightful heir to the throne.

As the usurper laughed at his jokes, his heart was filled with vengeance. His mind went back to the time when his uncle, the usurper, had poisoned his entire family.

Thirty years later, no one knew what happened to the little boy who escaped.

Now disguising his rage under a stupid grin, he calmly watched the page boy pass the chalice to the king.

He smiled, this time genuinely, as the king started choking on his own blood – the reigning monarch was indeed getting wet!



L is for Le Fou! Welcome to the third week of the challenge. My theme for this week would be 9-sentence fiction, starting off with this one!

I have decided my theme for next week too! It was supposed to be go-as-you-like and after much thought I decided, apart from my usual writing stuffs, I would be covering some wonderful blogs that I came across this month. So it would still be random, but with some love.

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