Scanning the racks of a popular bookstore at the airport terminal, I came across several self-help books with some very wacky titles adorning the shelves – Things Your Mother Never Told You about Love, Why hasn’t he called, How to date men- the list drones on and somewhat surprisingly, I could even see some of them making it to the top-selling charts!

After five unsuccessful relationships spanning fifteen years of my life, I am still unsure of the true definition of love; makes me kind of wonder, what is the big “hush-hush” mystery the authors of those books seem to be so well aware of? As if they have smoked from a special brand of pot that I’m yet to get familiar with. By the way, is it even possible that the entire universe is in a secret that I’ve been left out of?

The Law of Attraction urges us to focus on positive thoughts for the universe to manifest it positively. Perhaps if only I delve into my thoughts, the answer will present itself as clear as the morning sky.

So here I stand in front of my mirror, with all the ardor of a disgraced lover, and ask timidly:

Mirror Mirror in the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?

And the mirror breaks.

What does the Law of Attraction has to say on that, I wonder.



I can’t believe I already made it halfway through the challenge! Thirteen more letters to go!! By the way, the 13th letter is auspicious after all – today is Baisakhi, the day when we celebrate the Bengali New Year back home;  so to all the bloggers out there a very Happy New Year!

Can Love be defined by rules, laws, chemical reactions or psychological dispositions? I leave it up to you to decide.

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