“Never date a Scorpio”, he said to the wide eyed girl in front of him.

But you are a Scorpio yourself…..

She was stopped mid-track, “That is precisely why I never thought of dating you before.”

Explain… please.

Well Scorpios are inherently narcissist; that’s why they can love so passionately and devastatingly. That’s why, being a Scorpio you will always be attracted towards your own kind; but it is never wise to be on a date with your own self, is it?

So why change your plan now?

Isn’t it obvious? Thine own self, the savior in your hour of need, the narcissist within you screams to get out of the cosmic ball every minute but when you let it go, shit happens.




Well disclaimers first. By this post, I never meant to offend anyone (being a Scorpy myself, I know how easily one can get flustered).  This is not even a generalization; it’s just meant for light reading.  There is a reason why it is categorized under Flash Fiction. If you are still not convinced, please feel free to close the tab.

So, N is for Narcissist! Then why did I link it up with Scorpios? Just because it is good to laugh at yourself sometimes. In my experience, I have always observed that two Scorpios can never be together for long (it’s true even for friends), and inadvertently or as fate would have it, they always end with a bang…. and not, I’m afraid, of the good kind!

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