My dear friend X,

We have never met, except in dreams -dreams that are fleeting yet so serene, interwoven with skeins of words – the fabric so soft yet warm, like Pashmina. Discovering you was a journey akin to peeling an orange skin. And reading you was like the zest – surprisingly tangy and bitter.

I stalked you through your words, delved to the darkest corner of your mind and swam back to the shore safely alive. I have loved your words more than I have loved your LOVE itself.

Your love – the kind you write about, the kind that reflects the last rays of the sun on an earth about to be plunged in an eternity of darkness, the kind archangels sing about in His presence, the kind which shines like the illumination of Buddha, the kind found in the comfort of digging into warm choco-lava cake in a winter night – my favourite kind.

Addicted, I found myself searching for your presence in this world. As if stalking your words was not enough, I snooped around various links and clicked.

As your face slowly filled my browser screen, I found myself whispering, you are my orange zest in a chocolate cake.




O is for Orange Zest! That tangy yet sweet and distinct flavor that can add a unique dimension when added to Crabs and fried chicken (it’s true! but dun worry, I’m not going to share recipes here)!

p.s: If you liked reading the post and want to show your appreciation, please send a choco-lava cake at my place. Thank You!

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