“Rub it thrice and the wish will be yours”, said the blue genie.

“So it’s a magic stone? But I thought it was supposed to be a lamp where you reside”, said Aladdin.

“That is just to drive away the speculators, Master”, he said before vanishing to thin air.



“Mould it in gold and wear it in the middle finger of your right hand; luck and prosperity will be yours to stay.”

I clutched the blue stone as they declared my name over the mike, remembering the Yogi’s voice from times gone by.

Industrialist of the year….. Again


The picture was that of a beautiful young lady, naked except a blue stone glittering at her throat.

The artist must have known that body too well, to draw even the flaws.

In front of me sat the 100 years old lady with the same blue stone in her hand.



In alchemy, the Philosopher’s Stone has been the study of many centuries. Intellectual minds have poured over its significance, and hyped theories on its existence. In essence, it is nothing but that which contains the power of transformation – be it on a metal or on life.

Neelam or Blue Sapphire has always been considered a stone with magical properties. In Indian astrology, the gem is ascribed to be Saturn’s stone, the planet that can either make you or break you. The stone, it is believed, can do the same, containing a potent alchemic energy that can turn ashes to gold and vice versa.

The stone, it seems has a mind of its own. If you are lucky enough to receive its blessing, you won’t have to look back ever again as you climb the ladder of success. On the other hand, if for some reason the stone doesn’t like you, then well.. one of my close associate died within 7 days of owning it. Call it superstition or whatever, some things are not yet defined by science.

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