“Off with his head!” screamed the beautiful girl with curly tangles falling off her fore-head, “Such men don’t deserve to live. They are a menace to society.”

The culprit stood there devastated by the verdict. And he thought she liked him!

He was no thief, but who would believe him now? How would he explain that he was sneaking like a thief in a girl’s bed room in the middle of the night just to give her a birthday present?

After they took him away to the police station, her eyes fell on a bunch of roses and a small box in her side table.

She opened the box, excited, thinking her father might have kept it there unnoticed. Inside was a beautiful gold locket set in ruby and small diamonds, and a note.

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, the Queen of my Hearts!”



Q is for Queen of Hearts! Linking this post to Day # 17 of A to Z challenge.

Wow! Tomorrow is Sunday, and I can’t help smiling. After a long time Sunday will actually feel like Sunday! The theme for next week will be no theme at all, except that I’ll be also covering some fabulous bloggers that I came across in this month.

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