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Tears – the eighth color of rainbow, the Pain, the Separation and the Sadness,  the dark monsoon clouds waiting to burst out from the corner of your eyes. Who hasn’t been touched by its poisonous fangs as it burns our cheeks and blurs our vision? To celebrate the moon drops in all of us, let us join our hearts and raise a toast to one of the finest poets of the century. 

A personal translation of one of my favorite song, written by Rabindranath Tagore. 

Tomaro osheeme, prano mono loye,

Joto duure aami dhaai

Kothao mrityu, Kothao dukkho,

Kothao bichhed o nai

In your world, wherever I traversed

Along with all my heart and soul,

I could witness neither death nor pain

Not even separation.

Mritu se dhore mritur o rup,

dukkho hoi je dukher o kup

Toma hote jobe houye bimukh

aponar praane chai

But Death turns deadlier,

sorrow cuts itself

Whenever I stare away from you,

And look inside my soul.

He purno, tobo choroner kachhe

Jaha kichu shob ache –nai nai bhoi

Shey shudhu amaari, nishidin kaandi tai

O complete one, you have everything

Under your feet, except fear

Fear, which is the only thing that is mine,

The reason I shed these rheums all night long

Ontor o glani songshar o bhar

Polok o felite, kotha aikakar

Jiboner majhe sworup tomar,

rakhibare Jodi pai

The pain inside my heart, the sadness of this world

Will lift up and vanish in the blink of an eye

Only if

I can keep an image of your soul in the midst of my life.



Welcome to the 4th week of the challenge and the 18th Alphabet. R is for Rheums, which is poetic for tears. As promised, this week I will be writing about all those blogs which touched my heart and inspired me in some way or the other, so here I go. I just hope I can do justice to the fabulous work of these fellow bloggers.

Re-inking Life

The blog that I would be covering today is Re-inking life (see how I have matched it with the letter of the day!! Yippee smarty-pants!!).I don’t know the name of the blogger, only that it’s a he who goes by the name ofThe Artist; of course I might be horribly wrong, in which case, go check it out for yourself. Don’t worry, not only will you not regret it but there is also a 99.9% probability that you’ll subscribe to the blog-feed to munch on the eccentric style and flair of the artist, whose words will remind you of the Chicago Blues – sad but beautiful and powerful.

Re-inking Life is not part of the challenge (A to Z), but it is one blog that you can drool on for hours, without getting bored. I discovered the blog on Indiblogger and have since spent many an hour mesmerized in the word-smithery. If you like short, stark posts that will leave your grey cells buzzing, this is the blog for it.

To give you a sample, here are few lines from one of the poem,

Electoral Mystery 

“……………….Don’t speculate about what Gandhi would say,

Don’t expect economic growth on a tray.

Don’t subscribe to an idea of zero corruption

Cause everything you’ve been told has been a lie.

They want to build you up and make you try,

Without any infrastructure so as you get closer to the Sun,

You fry……….”

Go check it out right now. You can thank me for it later on.