Image Courtesy @ suaviloquy


Winter blues turn pink

Magnificent blooms of spring

But this too, shall pass



S is for Sakura! The Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom has always been quintessentially imbibed with the emotion of Mono no aware, the feeling that lets you realize that even as you appreciate the stupendous beauty called life, everything here is transient and ever changing.  Dedicating this post to my fellow blogger in Japan, whose blog I would be covering today.

Alex Hurst

Today’s limelight is on the blog by Alex Hurst who is, by her own declaration, a character driven fantasy writer currently living in Kyoto, Japan. I, however, find her to be defined by much more than just that – she is a compelling storyteller, an exceptional artist (where her character sketches and book layout designing are concerned), a multi-talented individual and a dreamsmith (her own words) who has the most amazing sense of humor when it comes to words. You don’t have to take my word for it, rather check out the excerpt below from one of her post on literary jargons:


advance – (n) an increasingly rare artifact; a most preposterous leap-of-faith.

agent – (n) knight for hire. Known for extraordinarily discerning tastes in damsels, aka Novels.

alpha reader – (n) a masochist for editing.

antagonist – (n) the character everyone likes more than the protagonist.

backlist – (n) No, really, I’m a writer. Look at all of this stuff I’ve written!

She is also the author of the book, Memories, which I loved reading, and recommend you do so too. The first time I fell in love with her writing was when I came across this beautiful piece of fiction created by her. Somehow it inspired me to write better and more prosaic stories giving more importance to my characters than I usually do. I hope when you read her, it does the same for you.