v - mumbai rains


And again it rains

But no more the slash of waves

Dancing against rocks


The city of Hope,

Of Freedom and Sparkling nights

Now a distant dream


The celluloid dreams

Lost in flecks of reality

Exchanged for a job


Leopold Cafe

A beer and fried pomfret

The taste lingers on..


The slow chugging train

Signalling the dawn – now gone

Distant whistle blows.



 So, I  twiddled for a long time and realized it had to be Mumbai – the city of dreams. The haikus depict my memories of a city which I grew to love passionately and irrevocably. Dedicating this post to the featured blogger of the day – V for Vishal Bheeroo!

Vishal Bheeroo

I came across Vishal’s blog page through Write Tribe, but his take on the challenge is what made me a fan of his writings. Since Write Tribe is the reason of my participating in the challenge in the first place, for me it still connects the dots, albeit a bit crookedly.

To read Vishal is like having a mouthful of Magic Pops – you expect it to be soft and squishy and it surprises you with a crackle and a pop.

His writings/musings not only has a refreshingly new taste, with flecks of reality ingrained deep into the words but also exudes the raw, musky smell of honesty- that one quintessential quality that can set you apart as a writer.

For the Challenge, he has delved into his sack of memories and brought out little treats of beautiful stories etched in the Golden Past. His reminiscences of College days remind you of Ali Haider’s Purani Jeans. Reading him makes you want to reach out to your contact list and call up old friends, revisit old places or just muse over your own college days in your mind.

Here is an excerpt from his blog:

J for Jeans

Temptation is a bitch,

as one gasp for breath.

Crisp denims flashed in the shops and billboards all over the cities makes one go berserk.

 Jeans all over the place empties the pocket money.

One forgets that he is just a college student surviving on measly pocket money.

College dude wearing the coolest blue denim,

Quality never goes out of style,

as the brain goes cuckoo coz it’s our love for Jeans.


Check out his page to read more on that unique and effervescent style of writing that never goes out of style!