In a remote village of India –

The only two things concrete within a few miles radius was the rising sun in the eastern Horizon and the sprawling Zamindar Mansion at the western Horizon, the inhabitants of which were seldom seen outside the place

In that godforsaken village, there lived a girl – let’s call her Bella.

Now, in spite of being a bright student, Bella couldn’t finish her school because her mother thought she would be more useful at the farm. Once the harvesting season was over, her mom decided it was time Bella was introduced to what would be her future career, and with that in mind she took her to the Zamindar mansion to work as a Housemaid.

The first time she stepped inside the mansion, Bella was taken aback by the grand splendour in front of her. They actually had a separate well and a tap too! How wonderful it must be to work in a place like this!

When Rani Ma, the lady of the house spelled out her wages and the work to be expected from her, she felt blessed. But that night, when she carried the hookah to the east wing, she felt an unfamiliar tinge of fear knotting her stomach; that was the first time she saw The Beast – a dark, unruly creature with the face of a man but eyes of a predator.

A week passed and Bella cheerfully carried on with her work, except for the time when she had to carry the Hookah to the East Wing. She felt she was being abused, but not sure how. There was nothing concrete in the pair of black eyes that followed her lecherously, almost raping her with that piercing look.

Each time she exited the room, she felt as if she had escaped something dreadful. She tried telling her mother, but then realized no one would believe her. He has not even touched her! And even if he did, there was little anyone could do anything about it.

She had heard the tales from other girls – the quiet molestation, the silent abuse that went on behind the dark walls. No one had the courage to speak up.

Then one day, as she placed the hookah in the corner table, a shadow fell over her. Someone slowly whispered in her ears,

“If you scream, your family would pay the price”.

Recognizing the voice, she realized it was now or never. Quietly gripping the handle of the Hookah tightly in her hands, she turned around to face her molester. Whatever happens, she was not letting the Bastard get off with this.

As he inched closer, she waited with bated breath for the right moment to strike.

Arghhhhhhhhh! The frightening scream echoed off the wall as she fled from the room, only to brush past Rani Ma. Early next morning, just before Sunrise there was a surprise visit for Bella. She hadn’t told her mother about the incidents of last night, afraid of the repercussions, and now this visit frightened her.

Come to work today; and don’t worry about my son, he won’t disturb you or any other girl anymore.” Said Rani ma and left before she could ask anything else.

Later that day when she reached the Mansion, the stench of death greeted her with the familiar sounds of “Hari Bol”.

It was an accident, they said. He tripped over the hookah, uncontrollably drunk, and hit his head.

Shocked, she was rooted to her place. The body being carried away for the last rites. She searched for Rani Ma, whose sad face lit up with a momentary smile as their eyes met across the crowded room.




W is for Womaniya! If you are still wondering what exactly it means, then FYI, it’s not just a Hinglish title for a Bollywood number anymore.

“The Womaniya attitude has redefined desi cool, which is now all about being rustic, with a touch of contemporary…… Womaniya puts the finger on the pulse of today’s woman, who isn’t shy of her sensuality, and yet manages to be grounded in her values……… a cult that cuts across class and region. And you don’t have to wear a robe to join in.”

TOI, Trend spotting

She is the woman who is not afraid to stand up and ask for her rights, not afraid to dream big and express that dream. She is someone who catches problems by its ears and twists it to give a different direction.  At first she might seem weak and insignificant, not illuminated into the ways of the world; you can rubbish her at a glance, but when the time comes, she rises time and again to prove herself and stand up for what she believes in – undaunted, bold and fearless.

Remember seeing her somewhere? In the Mirror, maybe?

Dedicating this post to all the wonderful women bloggers I have met so far and especially to the featured blogger of today – Shelina from AWI.

A Writer Inspired

The Multi-Tasker woman is not a myth, and to prove it let me take you the the blog of the day, A Writer Inspired. Shelina is one of those rare bloggers whose presence can well serve to be an inspiration for other. Breaking down stereotypical molds is nothing new for her, as she spawns her literary career with anything and everything under the sun that inspires her; there is no one word that can define her – traveler, photographer, musician and interpreter- she has done it all!

Check out her amazing take on the Challenge, where she puts you and herself to task – working at your first novel one page a day. You would be rewarded for a completed task, but beware! She is a strict disciplinarian, and would not let unfinished work go past her eyes, so get your punishment jars ready!

Here is an excerpt from her blog:

Varying your voice

Writing Exercise

Write one page of your story from another perspective. For today’s exercise you’re not required to create a new scene you can use a scene you’ve already written if you choose.

Today’s Reward and Punishment

  • If you failed to do the assignment for the day:  Take a chore from your  punishment jar. Write your confession below from the perspective of your protagonist.
  • If you successfully completed your assignment for the day: You’ve earned some money for your reward jar. In honor of the assignment, imagine you’re already a successful author. What would you be doing today?


Don’t worry, she is really sweet so go ahead and check out her blog and let me know what you think.