I am not a girl, not yet a woman

Am I still the child you found me to be?

Or an old lady, too blind to see

The fallacy of prophetic love?

Like the wrinkles etched in my skin,

Unacknowledged, Unforeseen.

. . .

Do you still see the mystery in my words?

The girl with golden wings and pink dreams

Or is she replaced by her cruel nemesis?

Staring at space and searching with faraway eyes,

What was hers and taken away by fate

In the kingdom of lost playmates.

. . .

Would you still recognize my voice, if I call

In the middle of the night to talk about lost time?

Or, have I lost those wings somewhere down the line;

Nimble at heart but no more of feet;

Tell me, who am I then

If not a girl, not even a woman?



Just one more alphabet to go… probably the hardest. Well tomorrow is kinda busy day for me… it’s v for vote and I have finally decided to make mine count…. by not being politically correct (to add to my confusion, one of my extended family member have decided to represent a party that has nothing to say for itself, but that’s a post for another day).

So I’m waiting for the last letter to arrive with a flourish and a bang! Will be scheduling it ahead of times, in case I get carried away and completely forget the challenge.  Till then, keep blogging!