First comes the adventurer, carefree and wild

Life has got them completely beguiled.

. . .

The raging bull will always love a treat

Bit of a stubborn, but really very sweet.

. . .

The twins come strolling by, always confused

As they quarrel on which dress to choose.

 . . .

The crab might shield itself under a hard shell,

But home is ultimately where its heart dwell.

. . .

Roaring with pride, flashy and gay

The king of the jungle is here to stay,

 . . .

Then comes the maiden, pristine and white

Imperfectionism is not in their stride.

 . . .

You know in the world everything is alright

When the scales of judgment leans towards the right.

 . . .

Mysterious secret keepers, passion is their thing

Beware of these bi****s ‘cause they can make you sting!

. . .

The archer will explore everything under the sun

Seekers of truth, they love to have fun!

 . . .

For the Goat, the way up is never too long

One word at a time, to create the entire song.

. . .

The water bearer has an inventive mind

 Their vision is a better world for all Mankind

 . . .

Kind and caring, the Fish likes to dream

If they are sad, just give them an ice-cream!




As the great cook likes very little salt, she compensates adding pepper. Wondering if the challenge has finally driven me crazy? You wish! What I have written above is just a little mnemonics for you to remember the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

Now, did you know that the entire astrology is not some hocus pocus but based on the same elliptical coordinate system used in astronomy? Yeah the same NASA uses. Now, just by assigning each constellation and planet a specific set of characteristics (read data) and then predicting the planetary positions, you can actually predict a man’s future. All this discovered in the 7th Century BC and compiled by 2nd century AD by none other than Ptolemy.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? So, next time when the universe is trying to strike up a conversation with you, don’t take your signs lightly.

The challenge is over and I’m secretly heaving a sigh of relief. I have met some wonderful bloggers across the month, and while I couldn’t really give a shout out to all of them, I did try in my small way to appreciate what we all are trying to do here. It has been a wonderful experience, and in a few weeks you might even here me say, bring it on a second time; but for now, I’m donning my blanket and going off to a much deserved siesta.

Signing off, until then!