Leave me alone!

The door banged with uncommon brutality, as she ended another showdown with her husband. The migraine seems to be splitting her head into two. It was one of those days. Dhruv wanted her to leave her job and come down with him but something was stopping her.

She realized that she could no longer hide the truth from herself. She was selfish; but then she just wanted to be happy.

Till death do us part. What happened to the promises of young love, she wondered? Or was that a lie too?

Does selfishness and happiness go hand in hand?


As she stood on the porch waving her sister goodbye, her knees threatened to give way to the strange shiver of emotions. She has been strong so far, readying herself for this moment from the past one year, since the day they told her not to hope.

The strong gust of wind tore through the silence that had descended on the now empty house, carrying along with it her white dupatta in the dusty air. No color from now on.

She realized that she could no longer hide the truth from herself. Finally, she was left alone. Forever.


The Institution of marriage has always had me befuddled; how is it that some times, two people who were sworn lovers become sworn enemies? Why does it sometimes become so hard for two people in love to even bear to stay together in the same room? And then you see them who had made it to their old age, struggling, fighting but staying together and it makes you wonder.

Two stories, interlinked, based on the same prompt. Linking this to 100 Words on Saturday, though it comes a bit late in the day. My post – A TO Z – laziness syndrome is finally wearing off and I’m glad or what!  Recuperating slowly but steadily!!!

Do me a favor, listen to the song if you haven’t yet. It’s  beautifully rendered and one of my favorites. I promise you won’t regret listening to it!!