Team – Front Runners

Week # 1

She was seven years old again. The room was white and the lights were so bright, it hurt her eyes. Santa had come, along with her Christmas present – a beautiful red violin that she had seen in the music store. Only, right now it seemed Santa had decided to dress in a funny white suit.

It’s cold, she thought as she turned her eyes away from the glaring lights. Is it Christmas already?

Tara blinked at the white curtains around her in confusion. As she tried to grasp her unfamiliar surroundings, something pinched her in the right arm. That’s when she saw the IV and started screaming. Her voice felt strange to herself, hoarse and rude like an old woman. The nurses came running to her scream and tried to console her, but she would not stop.

Through her tears, she tried but couldn’t remember where she was. The room whirled around her and she didn’t even feel the prick of the needle as she started to slump again, back to sleep. As her vision blurred, all she could register was the nurse’s voice trying to soothe her.

The next time, she woke up to the sensation that she was being beaten up and punched in her rib cage. The pain medications seemed to have run its course. Thirsty and groggy, she tried sitting up. Her head was hammering away like crazy. Water, she thought and tried to look around for help, when an elderly nurse came to her rescue.

The stench of chemicals seemed to seep through everything around her; even the water tasted like medicine. Nausea racked her body as soon as she took her first sip.

The nurse was trying to console her. “Take it easy, dear. You had an accident”, she said.

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