Did you know India has 32 mountain areas, 14,500 kilometers of waterways, more than 100 beaches, 200 wildlife parks (really) and over a thousand yoga programs? No wonder it takes almost as much effort to find an adventure trip as it does to actually embark upon one.

At www.trailwala.com we’re solving this problem by creating a community where trip organizers and travelers can connect. Trip organizers list their upcoming trips and events, and travelers can search by activity or location, and instantly pull up multiple options for the same trip. We list hundreds of outdoor events, but here are three upcoming ones that really caught our eye:

1. Kayaking in Kerala: River rafting is now a hugely popular monsoon sport (just take a look at this list of trips), but what’s still under the radar is the slow and steady rise of kayaking in India. There’s a kick ass kayaking program now running out of Kerala, where you get 2 days of hardcore kayaking instruction in the middle of nowhere, in Kerala. It’s as action oriented as it gets, but there’s something strangely tranquil about focusing only on one thing for 2 entire days.

Kerala Rafting

source: trailwala.com

2. Everest Base Camp: Every travel outfit worth their salt runs a trip here these days, but few undertake the lesser known Gokyo route, that traverses two remote passes as well as the spectacular Gokyo lake area. A great option for those slightly jaded by the tourist trap that the orthodox route has turned into. Here’s one option in November 2015.

everest base camp, outdoor treks, everest trek

source: trailwala.com

3. The Rann of Kutch: It is still one of the most untouched areas of India, which is why we’re intrigued by an ultra-luxury motorbiking trip that a company called Himalayan Explorers listed on Trailwala for November 2015, running through Rajasthan and Gujarat. We’re also keen to get there before the rest of India does—this area is turning into a tourist hothouse, judging by the keep safaris, yoga programs and wellness retreats popping up all over the Rann these days.

Rajashtan Bike Tour

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