Off the coast of Andaman is a mysterious sliver of an island devoid of any kind of sophistication that marks the quotidian life of human civilisation. The aerial view of this idyllic retreat characterise it to be endowed with amazing beaches and lush, dense vegetation, but no earthly men dare set foot on this forbidden sanctuary of the Indian Ocean due to its inhabitants’ notorious reputation of hostility towards strangers of any kind.

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Known as the Sentinelese Tribe of the North Sentinel Island, this clan is supposedly the most endangered tribes in the world. With no human connection to the outside world, they are said to be without immunity to even the most common bacterial diseases. This indigenous tribe (or at least that’s the assumption I’m going along with now) apparently has been feeding off this infinitesimal island for over 60000 years, killing any strangers who dare to cross the crystal waters and come ashore.

Untouched by civilisation, the Sentinelese people are remarkably healthy but due to their complete isolation, the chances of them being wiped out by an epidemic are assumed to be very high, according to a report submitted by Survival International.

sentinelese tribe, north sentinel tribe, north sentinel island inhabitants


All information about the tribe is derived either by observation from a distance or from comparison with other Andamanese tribes. Labelled as Negritos, the Sentinelese, however, appears to be remarkably taller on average than other indigenous tribes of Andaman.

They have little covering over their body, that tantamounts to almost nothing and uses leaves, fibre strings and similar material as decorations.  They are not an agrarian society and despite most of their tools and weapons being carved out of stone and animal bones, the tribe seems to use the metal fragments from shipwrecks that end up on their shore.

The clan population is estimated at around 50-400 individuals at present. Living mostly on hunting birds and fish, the Sentinelese tribe is believed to be the last of the pre-Neolithic tribe in the world and appear to have survived the 2004 Asian tsunami relatively unscathed.

Home to centuries of archaeological and evolutionary history of mankind, these islands are still virgin to the technological advancement of the outside world. But the strangest thing of all is that this island has also managed to be a hugely popular tourist destination, thanks to the tomfoolery of a few like-minded pranksters playing high jinks with nature.

If all that is assumed about these indigenous folks is true, then it is really amazing how they have been able to survive all these years without the ramparts of technology and civilisation; perhaps they are even better off without it.  The way I see it, there can be only two rationales to the seemingly overprotective and aggressive stand of this tribe from invading outsiders. Either they have the perfect happiness or the perfect knowledge. If it is the former, then I can safely say ignorance is bliss. If the later is true, then there is only one conclusion to be drawn: The way to perfect knowledge is the road to hell. Which one do you think is more probable? Let me know your thoughts in the box below.