I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge 

Day#4: Prompt – Bated Breathe

August 2015, Gurgaon: 

I still remember that night clearly. We were lounging out on the terrace to cool off the sultry heat of the day when my brother pointed out the bizarre object in a sky devoid of even a speck of cloud. 

It was a curious thing to look at. A triangularly shaped entity with seven white spheres; one at the masthead and three on each side, travelling for a while through the night sky before vanishing into thin air as abruptly as it had appeared. No illumination or lights radiated from it. Neither did it float nor hover. 

In the few minutes that we witnessed that unusual spectral phenomenon, we realised it was nothing like anything we have seen so far. It wasn’t an aircraft, and neither was it a bird since we could see lone birds flying at much lower altitudes at the same time.

But Scepticism knows no bounds and human logic is a fallacy, and so began a heated debate among us on the form and origin of the unidentified object. 

The truth is out there:

Thanks to the movies and media of the past century, it is now so easy to mock and ridicule any topic even closely related to ET and alien life forms that credible people like us, who have witnessed such sightings and try to report them are easily discredited and laughed at. 

When leading scientists and influential figures from the most advanced, most developed nation on Earth discredit the alien theory with a multi-faceted psychological warfare that goes completely undetected by the general public, there’s little left to validate the existence of other interstellar life forms.

But why don’t we believe? Is it because there’s a lack of evidence? No. There’s more evidence for UFO and alien life forms here on Earth than there is for most of our scientific theories and pharmaceutical medications, including black holes. 

We all know about Area 51. We know about the Roswell crash. We have seen real footages, leaked documents, and witnessed these unidentified objects in thousands of places all over the world. Even India has its fair share of sightings. The CIA had recently declassified a set of reports mentioning UFO sightings over Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan and Nepal as far back as 1968. But still, we search for evidence and proofs. And all the while Naysayers abound in vilifying and slandering the so-called mad hatters and conspiracy theorists.

Wernher von Braun, a German aerospace engineer and space architect brought over to the US secretly after the Second World War as part of Operation Paperclip is honoured as being the Father of Rocket Technology and Space Science in the US. He is credited with developing the Saturn V rockets and leading NASA’s Apollo mission to the moon. 

In his deathbed confession, Von Braun warned of a plot by the US government to pull off the ultimate red herring against an alien invasion, by using back engineered alien reproduction vehicle to stage an invasion from outer space. 

He said that first the Russians would be named the enemy against whom the US military would develop space-based weapons. Then terrorists would be identified, then Third World Country crazies would follow – the likes of North Korea and such. The final card, he said, would be the alien card. And all of it, he claimed, is a lie.

Now, this might look like a kooky conspiracy theory, a tinfoil hatter trying cook up a mad connivance of unimaginable magnitude. What else are we supposed to do other than laugh it off as a good joke? Because the alternative is terrifying; it’s bone-chilling. It’s beyond the comprehension of the general public. 

We are all Xenophobic:

And now we have ISIS. Warmongering is a multi-billion/trillion dollar industry and war profiteers stand at the helm of the most advanced democracy in the world. That is a truth hidden in plain sight. We all know how this world operates. A world that is running on money and profit has little to gain in an environment of peace. 

Why are most facts still hidden from the public domain? Why does the US president have no access to the black operations in the US military? Why is the scientific community still silent on this issue? Why has no other country acknowledged the bare fact, even when their sovereign seems to have no qualms acknowledging the presence of interstellar life forms? From President Kennedy to Prince Philip to President Sarkozy, everyone had, at some point or the other admitted to witness such sightings.

Everyone knows that the technology which permits interplanetary and interstellar travel is so far advanced than any technology we have so far come up with, we couldn’t possibly stand an invasion for more than a few seconds. And yet, through fear mongering, jingoism and suppression of information the general public have been manipulated to think no such entity could exist or if they exist, they are a threat to our very existence. And when proof of otherwise is shown, it is parodied and mocked and ridiculed till you feel believing something like this is akin to being crazy. From our movies to our media, everywhere alien life form is either shown as dangerous or non-existent. Those who claim otherwise have sooner or later realised they are completely powerless against the complicated political machinations.

We are not alone:

Straddling the no-man’s land between belief and scepticism is no longer an option. Is it really so hard to believe that we are neither alone nor unique in an ever-expanding universe? If we have faith in an invisible, all-powerful God, why is it so hard to believe in His creation? Why should we be the only race in the entire universe to acknowledge His abundant Love? Is it really so hard to fathom that the day is not far when we might evolve to be not merely a terrestrial civilization but an interstellar one? When there would be interplanetary trade and we would have neighbours with whom we could share and utilise the resources of the entire universe?

I wait with bated breath for the arrival of that day.