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Okay, so let me clear the air right now. I am a huge fan of Mr. Procrastination and I guess you’re too! But centuries ago, when the commercial success of our ancestors were decided by maritime trade routes, a wizened old man with probably a very long beard quite aptly remarked that time and tide waits for none.  So, without any further ado,  let’s quickly get down to business. Since you have landed on this page on your own, I am going to assume that you wish to know me better. Who am I? Well for that, here is a little story:


Once upon a time there lived a poor girl in a big city. The poor girl had one single dream in her eyes and everyday before going to bed she used to pray to her fairy godmother to make her dream come true.

One day, precisely on the eve of her 8th birthday, as the girl was kneeling down to pray, suddenly her windows started to rattle and a nice little storm brewed up, right in the middle of her room.

As she got up from the floor shivering badly, she heard a tinkling voice calling out her name. Clutching the nearest chair she could find, she covered her eyes in fright, when suddenly the voice told her to stop being afraid and open her eyes.

Lo and behold! Her fairy godmother was right in front of her. Was she dreaming? She couldn’t believe her eyes!

But then the kind fairy spoke, “You will be granted one wish tonight. But you must promise never to dream again in your sleep.”

“Are dreams bad?”, asked the frightened child.

“No, but they make you lazy and you don’t feel like getting up from bed. You don’t do your work and your mother suffer because of it. I won’t have it anymore” sang the fairy voice.

“But I only dream of  a cozy wooden cabin, on top of the hills, with a fireplace and lots and lots of books!” exclaimed the little girl.

“Do you want to dream or do you want your dream?”

“Is this a trick?”, thought the girl. Suddenly the kind fairy didn’t seem so kind after all. She thought and thought and then she answered, “Thank you for visiting me but I don’t really want your help, since if I work hard I can make my dream come true anyway. I would rather dream.”

And with that she turned to her bed and went to sleep and yearn for her mountains in her dream..

Guess who that little girl was? You are bang on!

Yours truly.

So, to round up, Chaotic Paperback is my “reserved” parking in the vast infinity of the web world. Here you can find contrasting experience of parallel universes that keep on colluding in my life, randomly. And what ensues when universes collide? Chaos. That’s life.

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