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Bhrigu Mahesh, Phd: The Return of Damayanti – A Review

Monsoon is generally the season I most associate with books. Earlier, in my childhood, I used to curl up in my nook with Agatha Christie or Arthur C Doyle and be oblivious of the sticky humidity that forbade us to… Continue Reading →

Open-Eyed Meditations: A Review

They say the dreams we see with our eyes closed don’t take wings till they first learn how to fall and hit the ground. Rationale is the cornerstone of civilisation, or else we are left with nothing but nihilism. In a world… Continue Reading →

The Rise of Kali: Ajaya II – Book Review

This post was first published in Tell-a-tale. Religious History has a way of weaving itself into the strands of our life in a most profound manner. Though an atheist myself, I cannot help but explore the endless ocean of mythical… Continue Reading →

How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company: A perspective review

Varun Agarwal is the perfect salesman of the century. He sold his book in the first 10 seconds of his pitch just by lowering your expectation, and brilliantly setting the tone of the review that you are likely to leave… Continue Reading →

The Solo Cafe

This post first appeared in Tell-a-Tale short story contest. Find the link here. —————— There are two things that I have learnt from my travels. First, you can be pretty miserable almost anywhere. Second, being your own porter of a luggage weighing… Continue Reading →

Offbeat Adventure Trips in India

Did you know India has 32 mountain areas, 14,500 kilometers of waterways, more than 100 beaches, 200 wildlife parks (really) and over a thousand yoga programs? No wonder it takes almost as much effort to find an adventure trip as… Continue Reading →

Book Review: To Kill A Mocking Bird – WTFW Day 4

To Kill A Mocking Bird Author: Harper Lee To kill a Mocking Bird is Harper Lee’s only literary creation but it is a creation of epic proportions. I’m hesitant to even attempt a review of a giant such as this,… Continue Reading →

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