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A to Z 2014

Jabberwocky!! A to Z challenge Day # 10

I don’t mean nothing When I huff and puff and cry It is a nightmare —-x—- Letters jumbling up Tumbling down the spiral stairs It’s time to wake up —-x—- Sweep out the cobweb From my mind, the dust and… Continue Reading →

Icecream: A to Z Challenge Day # 9

  Soft luscious cream served White and fluffy in a cone Melting happiness. —-x—- Cold delight in bowls Dark, with nuts and sweet almonds A taste of summer —-x—- Chocolate or Mint Vanilla or Strawberry? One is not enough! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————… Continue Reading →

Heartache: A to Z Challenge Day#8

Woke up with a weight upon my chest, remembered It is just heartbeats —-x—- If it is true that Tears are heavier than smile Then why can’t I smile? —-x—- Heavier than stone is the weight of broken dreams In… Continue Reading →

Gumption: A to Z challenge Day#7

I am in your mind When you feel the rush to fight Standing against odds —-x—- I am in your feet When you make the jump to fall On a bed of thorns —-x—- I am in your heart When… Continue Reading →

February: A to Z challenge Day#6

Softly, cities wake Snowy white fortresses falls Cold winter retires —-x—- Carousel of love With silly Valentine gifts And endless gay tweets —-x—- Yellow butterfly Frolicking under the sun A spring dream blossoms —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Image courtesy: Second Sister Suaviloquy F… Continue Reading →

Essence of Meru: A to Z challenge 2014 Day # 5

  Namah pannaganaddhaaya vaikuntha vasavardhineh  Shruti-sindhu Sudhothpaada-mandaraaya Garutmathe   Finally! It’s time to say goodbye and start the journey towards the end. Aruna has come to greet me, cloaked in a sombre red, as if deeply regretting a parting friend…. Continue Reading →

Dark Warrior: A to Z Challenge 2014 Day # 4

  The stone was huge, almost the size of three human fist; black as the raven’s cloak, yet somehow alive with a quite blue gleam that pulsated like thunderbolt across a raging midnight sky.  Rhae looked at it with a strange… Continue Reading →

Clair de lune: A to Z Challenge Day#3

Igor sat on top of the cliff looking afar at the setting sun, waiting for Night to descend. His thoughts were still ringing with the voice of the Elders. “Make the impulse of your soul prevail over the inertia of… Continue Reading →

Bewitched: A to Z challenge Day # 2

“It’s beautiful”, thought Kathleen, caressing the antique gold locket with the curious carving. “I wonder why I never saw it in her possession before”. The locket was delivered to her that morning along with a letter, in a special parcel,… Continue Reading →

April’s Antithesis: A to Z challenge Day#1

There are days when it all fits snugly, like a nicely tailored dress; and then there are days when the seams burst at the edge. For April, it was one of those days. When she looked back at it later,… Continue Reading →

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