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The Tree of Life: A to Z Challenge Day # 20

  Image Courtesy:   Looks can be deceiving, especially in a sultry twilight where the greys and the blues blur the edges of one’s face. The evening was wearing off, welcoming the night sky with all the ardour of a… Continue Reading →

Sakura: A to Z Challenge Day # 19

  Image Courtesy @ suaviloquy   Winter blues turn pink Magnificent blooms of spring But this too, shall pass —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- S is for Sakura! The Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom has always been quintessentially imbibed with the emotion of Mono no… Continue Reading →

Rheums: A to Z Challenge Day # 18

Image Courtesy@ blogging on the bright side Tears – the eighth color of rainbow, the Pain, the Separation and the Sadness,  the dark monsoon clouds waiting to burst out from the corner of your eyes. Who hasn’t been touched by its poisonous… Continue Reading →

Queen of Hearts: A to Z Challenge Day # 17

“Off with his head!” screamed the beautiful girl with curly tangles falling off her fore-head, “Such men don’t deserve to live. They are a menace to society.” The culprit stood there devastated by the verdict. And he thought she liked… Continue Reading →

Philosopher’s Stone: A to Z Challenge Day # 16

  “Rub it thrice and the wish will be yours”, said the blue genie. “So it’s a magic stone? But I thought it was supposed to be a lamp where you reside”, said Aladdin. “That is just to drive away… Continue Reading →

November Narcissists: A to Z challenge Day#14

“Never date a Scorpio”, he said to the wide eyed girl in front of him. But you are a Scorpio yourself….. She was stopped mid-track, “That is precisely why I never thought of dating you before.” Explain… please. Well Scorpios… Continue Reading →

Mirror Mirror on the Wall: A to Z Challenge Day # 13

  Scanning the racks of a popular bookstore at the airport terminal, I came across several self-help books with some very wacky titles adorning the shelves – Things Your Mother Never Told You about Love, Why hasn’t he called, How… Continue Reading →

Le Fou (The Fool): A to Z challenge Day # 12

“Tell us Fool, When does a prince get very wet?” This was directed towards the crown prince, who was known to wet his bed when inebriated on wines. “When he becomes the reigning monarch, my lord!” The crowd hooted shamelessly… Continue Reading →

Kaleidoscope: A to Z Challenge Day #11

K is for Kaleidoscope! I was going to write K is for Kashmir, but last night while I was trying to work on my post, my brother knocked my bedroom door and came in with his newest composition. I heard… Continue Reading →

Jabberwocky!! A to Z challenge Day # 10

I don’t mean nothing When I huff and puff and cry It is a nightmare —-x—- Letters jumbling up Tumbling down the spiral stairs It’s time to wake up —-x—- Sweep out the cobweb From my mind, the dust and… Continue Reading →

Icecream: A to Z Challenge Day # 9

  Soft luscious cream served White and fluffy in a cone Melting happiness. —-x—- Cold delight in bowls Dark, with nuts and sweet almonds A taste of summer —-x—- Chocolate or Mint Vanilla or Strawberry? One is not enough! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————… Continue Reading →

Heartache: A to Z Challenge Day#8

Woke up with a weight upon my chest, remembered It is just heartbeats —-x—- If it is true that Tears are heavier than smile Then why can’t I smile? —-x—- Heavier than stone is the weight of broken dreams In… Continue Reading →

Gumption: A to Z challenge Day#7

I am in your mind When you feel the rush to fight Standing against odds —-x—- I am in your feet When you make the jump to fall On a bed of thorns —-x—- I am in your heart When… Continue Reading →

February: A to Z challenge Day#6

Softly, cities wake Snowy white fortresses falls Cold winter retires —-x—- Carousel of love With silly Valentine gifts And endless gay tweets —-x—- Yellow butterfly Frolicking under the sun A spring dream blossoms —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Image courtesy: Second Sister Suaviloquy F… Continue Reading →

Essence of Meru: A to Z challenge 2014 Day # 5

  Namah pannaganaddhaaya vaikuntha vasavardhineh  Shruti-sindhu Sudhothpaada-mandaraaya Garutmathe   Finally! It’s time to say goodbye and start the journey towards the end. Aruna has come to greet me, cloaked in a sombre red, as if deeply regretting a parting friend…. Continue Reading →

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