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The Ultimate Life Goal: Is Motherhood Overrated?

To be or not to be, that is the million dollar question, dear Horatio. Countless articles, blogs and even books have been written on the glory of Motherhood – that precious halo shining through all the dismal worries and hardships… Continue Reading →

My red blooded Italian muse: The Olivetti Dora typewriter

Why the hell do you need a typewriter? A couple of months back while rambling along the cobbled streets of Rome I remember coming across an old lady walking down the other side of the street. The first thing I… Continue Reading →

Hello Readers!

I am so happy to tell you that the time has finally arrived for this blog to have a new home of its own! After all who likes living in a rented place? The cheery on the pie? I’m taking… Continue Reading →

A Self-Help Guide to Battling  Blogger’s Block

  Image courtesy @ google  Is your marriage to your blog on the rocks? Did I dream of it or is it actually two months since I posted a single word on my Blogpage? Of course I’m not counting the… Continue Reading →

And the winner is…..

So, I had recently entered this flash fiction contest arranged by in collaboration with My Pocket Story, which was totally on a whim and almost at the last moment; and guess what!! I was declared the winner!!!     Never mind… Continue Reading →

Sakura: A to Z Challenge Day # 19

  Image Courtesy @ suaviloquy   Winter blues turn pink Magnificent blooms of spring But this too, shall pass —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- S is for Sakura! The Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom has always been quintessentially imbibed with the emotion of Mono no… Continue Reading →

Rheums: A to Z Challenge Day # 18

Image Courtesy@ blogging on the bright side Tears – the eighth color of rainbow, the Pain, the Separation and the Sadness,  the dark monsoon clouds waiting to burst out from the corner of your eyes. Who hasn’t been touched by its poisonous… Continue Reading →

Orange Zest: A to Z Challenge Day #15

My dear friend X, We have never met, except in dreams -dreams that are fleeting yet so serene, interwoven with skeins of words – the fabric so soft yet warm, like Pashmina. Discovering you was a journey akin to peeling… Continue Reading →

Bayon: The Serene & Mysterious Faces

A to Z Challenge 2014 theme reveal!!

It’s finally time for the curtain to rise! For those who are unaware about the A to Z Blogging Challenge, we need to blog one post each day of April, on topics that would be based on the English alphabets,… Continue Reading →

Mimi, I miss you.

My childhood was shaped under the influential eye of two very strong women. While one, undoubtedly, is my Mother, the other was my Granny. I thank my lucky stars to be born as the grand-daughter of a woman who showed me… Continue Reading →

Blog Love: WTFW day : 2

For today’s  challenge, Write Tribe Festival Of Words challenge: Day-2, we are supposed to show some blog-love; which means we need to think beyond  just our own selfish work and try to promote someone else’s blog in our page. And… Continue Reading →

How to get back your “Ex” this Valentine: The Language of Love

All these years I have been incredibly piqued by people who, according to my lofty self, behaved like “miserable losers” – friends sucking up to teachers to be in their good grace; colleagues posting their first ever appreciation awards in… Continue Reading →

5 deadly hacks to survive the big Indian wedding

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an unmarried woman in her late twenties must be in dire need of a husband. However little the feeling of that woman be known, this truth is so well fixed in the mind of her friends… Continue Reading →

A curious story

Tasha, the protagonist of this post, is an eighteen months old female Labrador. I took her in my care when she was just 40 days old, and from then on, it has been a roller-coaster ride for both of us…. Continue Reading →

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