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The twist dat lyf can take…. strangely remarkable. i have been caught up in the whirlpool of things…so many places traveled in so few days… people changed, home changed, friends changed n the one thing u thot was der 2… Continue Reading →

A story unfinished……..

Preface: Ours was a story of passion. But unlike all passionate love stories we read in Mills and Boons (having a “happily ever after”), this was short lived, except, perhaps, in our hearts. So when I saw him for the… Continue Reading →


Time, they say, is a great healer,Time would wipe the pain;So here I stand for Time to come and take me back again… To the summer’s eve so clean and fresh,The Spring of love, so newThe days which melted in… Continue Reading →

D Lost Innocence of Childhood….

“Lakdi ki kathi, kathi ka ghoda, ghode k dum pe jo maara hathoda……..” I was taxiing around d city, a 4 o’clock hot, sticky, sweaty mumbai afternoon, when d fm in d cab played this song…… yes it was actually… Continue Reading →

Ramblings of a MadMan….

Standing atop the crest of this ancient, misty mountain, surrounded by a screaming silence, I think I can just manage to catch a glimpse of “freedom”…….. freedom that I yearned for so long, freedom that I searched for in the… Continue Reading →

I am…

Im a quiet night..When the blackout of your dreams smoothen out the tired wrinkles in your mind and the silence croons you to sleep; when you plug your soul and heart into the stars and let the music of the… Continue Reading →

sweet sweet dreams..

Every night the moon beams come Tiptoeing through the window,Silently whispering in my ears …Words..So familiar, yet so new…I take them and put them under my pillowAnd then, dream of You…

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