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Clair de lune: A to Z Challenge Day#3

Igor sat on top of the cliff looking afar at the setting sun, waiting for Night to descend. His thoughts were still ringing with the voice of the Elders. “Make the impulse of your soul prevail over the inertia of… Continue Reading →

Bewitched: A to Z challenge Day # 2

“It’s beautiful”, thought Kathleen, caressing the antique gold locket with the curious carving. “I wonder why I never saw it in her possession before”. The locket was delivered to her that morning along with a letter, in a special parcel,… Continue Reading →

April’s Antithesis: A to Z challenge Day#1

There are days when it all fits snugly, like a nicely tailored dress; and then there are days when the seams burst at the edge. For April, it was one of those days. When she looked back at it later,… Continue Reading →

Darkness: 55 Fiction #WriteTribe

“Open the door”, hollered a six-year old Tina, locked up in the bathroom for the umpteenth time, as a punishment for breaking the new tea-set. She was afraid of the dark. Suddenly she heard a slithering sound. Something cold and… Continue Reading →

The Lone Hermit

Rippling and gliding silently like a black python, the river shimmered like the stars in the heavens above, reflecting the lights of innumerable diyas from its banks. We were sitting in a boat, down the Ganges and in front of me was… Continue Reading →

Monty chacha and the Christmas tree – Part I

Monty Chacha doesn’t like laughter; neither does he like loud music. He thinks music and laughter makes us frivolous. The truth is Monty Chacha has never been invited to a party… ever.. in his entire life. All that, however, was about… Continue Reading →

The sound of silence:

The glistening sun drops slipped off the leaf and collected underneath the trunk of the huge tree, the place brightened by yellow grassflowers. It was a beautiful spot to hide, I thought. But then I saw the red kite stuck… Continue Reading →

And I came from nowhere like you and your friend: My Funny Valentine

“Writers need to be completely honest with themselves”, he said as he passed me a cup of Darjeeling tea to sip on. “Well, so do musicians”, I retorted. ”That is not the answer to my question. Don’t play around with words…. Continue Reading →


“In the loving memory of my departed soul, the child of winter & darkness; with fond remembrance… May you rest in peace”. Book I: AVINASH The lazy afternoon sun blazed its way through the broken window pane, the branches of… Continue Reading →

5 deadly hacks to survive the big Indian wedding

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an unmarried woman in her late twenties must be in dire need of a husband. However little the feeling of that woman be known, this truth is so well fixed in the mind of her friends… Continue Reading →

Of Aliens and Paranormals

I don’t claim authorship for this article. It was delivered to me last night by a group of aliens who traveled 9000 light years, only to illuminate humanity of its universal stupidity. If it does bear any similarity to any… Continue Reading →

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