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A weekend getaway – IV

When the jeep stopped in front of the estate, It was 8:30 am. I was feeling rickety all over, and I guess so were the others. I felt like puking right there. For the first 10 secs, I swear I… Continue Reading →

A weekend getaway – III

By the time we reached the exit gate of the forest, it was almost 7:30. Doyel finally was wide awake and had started whining for a loo. At first I hardly realized what she wanted, I thought she was having… Continue Reading →

A weekend getaway – II

The security guard, in the meanwhile had gone up to kaku for a bribe. I looked back and saw them involved in some animated discussion. Not caring a pence ’bout the world, I turned back and started walking down towards… Continue Reading →

A weekend getaway – I

It was 5:45 in the morning… we had journeyed almost the whole night from Bangalore, that too in a car. My head was being hammered by a thousand nails (effect of two continuous sleepless nights the days before). I could… Continue Reading →

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