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Three times Three: When pictures paint a Haiku!!!

Rusted winter leaves Slowly falling around me, Surrounds me in hope; —-*—- A white bird wanders Looking for its nest of peace, Leaves the sky alone. An empty lone road Strewn with white dust, reckons me Beckons me back home…. Continue Reading →

The sound of silence:

The glistening sun drops slipped off the leaf and collected underneath the trunk of the huge tree, the place brightened by yellow grassflowers. It was a beautiful spot to hide, I thought. But then I saw the red kite stuck… Continue Reading →

And I came from nowhere like you and your friend: My Funny Valentine

“Writers need to be completely honest with themselves”, he said as he passed me a cup of Darjeeling tea to sip on. “Well, so do musicians”, I retorted. ”That is not the answer to my question. Don’t play around with words…. Continue Reading →


“In the loving memory of my departed soul, the child of winter & darkness; with fond remembrance… May you rest in peace”. Book I: AVINASH The lazy afternoon sun blazed its way through the broken window pane, the branches of… Continue Reading →

The last Lunch Post

This is the last of my Lunch Post for the week and perhaps the most irregular of the lot. I was watching TV while having lunch today. I know, that makes me sound so droll. There was this cooking show coming… Continue Reading →

Lunch Posts

6:14 pm, Sunday, 26th Jan’14 I have been trying all morning not to cry and carry on normally like every other day, but I failed, miserably. Why is it so difficult not to be selfish when you’re sad? It’s like… Continue Reading →

Lunch Posts

1:39 am, Sunday 26th Jan’14 It seems my luck did run out at last. Was waiting for this moment for the last 2 months and now a 4 year relationship finished ’cause someone decided to leave the entire future on… Continue Reading →

Lunch Posts

23:24 pm Saturday, 25th Jan’14 It’s funny how the Aam Aadmi Party is becoming increasingly less about the “aam aadmi” and more about riding on the back of populism to satisfy the ego of AAPministers. Just read another article from… Continue Reading →

Lunch posts

1:45 pm Saturday, 25th Jan’14 Weekends are blissful. Especially the mornings. You can get up late, call up your friends, have a brunch thrown in and then take a walk with your dog. And while she does her morning ablutions… Continue Reading →

Lunch Posts

2:00 a.m Saturday, 25th Jan’14 The week is almost over and I have some huge time management issues I guess. Saw the article just now. Oops! All I can hear now is the roar of the engines from down the streets;… Continue Reading →

5 deadly hacks to survive the big Indian wedding

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an unmarried woman in her late twenties must be in dire need of a husband. However little the feeling of that woman be known, this truth is so well fixed in the mind of her friends… Continue Reading →

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