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Vestiges of a city in my mind: A to Z Day # 22

  And again it rains But no more the slash of waves Dancing against rocks —-x—- The city of Hope, Of Freedom and Sparkling nights Now a distant dream  —-x—- The celluloid dreams Lost in flecks of reality Exchanged for… Continue Reading →

Sakura: A to Z Challenge Day # 19

  Image Courtesy @ suaviloquy   Winter blues turn pink Magnificent blooms of spring But this too, shall pass —————————————————————————————————————————————————————- S is for Sakura! The Sakura or Japanese cherry blossom has always been quintessentially imbibed with the emotion of Mono no… Continue Reading →

Kaleidoscope: A to Z Challenge Day #11

K is for Kaleidoscope! I was going to write K is for Kashmir, but last night while I was trying to work on my post, my brother knocked my bedroom door and came in with his newest composition. I heard… Continue Reading →

Jabberwocky!! A to Z challenge Day # 10

I don’t mean nothing When I huff and puff and cry It is a nightmare —-x—- Letters jumbling up Tumbling down the spiral stairs It’s time to wake up —-x—- Sweep out the cobweb From my mind, the dust and… Continue Reading →

Icecream: A to Z Challenge Day # 9

  Soft luscious cream served White and fluffy in a cone Melting happiness. —-x—- Cold delight in bowls Dark, with nuts and sweet almonds A taste of summer —-x—- Chocolate or Mint Vanilla or Strawberry? One is not enough! ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————… Continue Reading →

Gumption: A to Z challenge Day#7

I am in your mind When you feel the rush to fight Standing against odds —-x—- I am in your feet When you make the jump to fall On a bed of thorns —-x—- I am in your heart When… Continue Reading →

February: A to Z challenge Day#6

Softly, cities wake Snowy white fortresses falls Cold winter retires —-x—- Carousel of love With silly Valentine gifts And endless gay tweets —-x—- Yellow butterfly Frolicking under the sun A spring dream blossoms —————————————————————————————————————————————————- Image courtesy: Second Sister Suaviloquy F… Continue Reading →

Three times Three: When pictures paint a Haiku!!!

Rusted winter leaves Slowly falling around me, Surrounds me in hope; —-*—- A white bird wanders Looking for its nest of peace, Leaves the sky alone. An empty lone road Strewn with white dust, reckons me Beckons me back home…. Continue Reading →

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