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Three times Three: When pictures paint a Haiku!!!

Rusted winter leaves Slowly falling around me, Surrounds me in hope; —-*—- A white bird wanders Looking for its nest of peace, Leaves the sky alone. An empty lone road Strewn with white dust, reckons me Beckons me back home…. Continue Reading →

And I came from nowhere like you and your friend: My Funny Valentine

“Writers need to be completely honest with themselves”, he said as he passed me a cup of Darjeeling tea to sip on. “Well, so do musicians”, I retorted. ”That is not the answer to my question. Don’t play around with words…. Continue Reading →

The last Lunch Post

This is the last of my Lunch Post for the week and perhaps the most irregular of the lot. I was watching TV while having lunch today. I know, that makes me sound so droll. There was this cooking show coming… Continue Reading →

Lunch Posts

6:14 pm, Sunday, 26th Jan’14 I have been trying all morning not to cry and carry on normally like every other day, but I failed, miserably. Why is it so difficult not to be selfish when you’re sad? It’s like… Continue Reading →

Lunch posts

1:45 pm Saturday, 25th Jan’14 Weekends are blissful. Especially the mornings. You can get up late, call up your friends, have a brunch thrown in and then take a walk with your dog. And while she does her morning ablutions… Continue Reading →

Lunch Posts

2:00 a.m Saturday, 25th Jan’14 The week is almost over and I have some huge time management issues I guess. Saw the article just now. Oops! All I can hear now is the roar of the engines from down the streets;… Continue Reading →

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