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A Self-Help Guide to Battling  Blogger’s Block

  Image courtesy @ google  Is your marriage to your blog on the rocks? Did I dream of it or is it actually two months since I posted a single word on my Blogpage? Of course I’m not counting the… Continue Reading →

No Promises

  Leave me alone! The door banged with uncommon brutality, as she ended another showdown with her husband. The migraine seems to be splitting her head into two. It was one of those days. Dhruv wanted her to leave her… Continue Reading →

Eden’s Eternal Shame

Amidst the glorious and heroic tales of men, There lies a story, safely hidden Under the ashes of history’s burning flame; The story of Eden’s eternal shame. —  A tale woven with scarlet letters, All she desired was to be… Continue Reading →

Darkness: 55 Fiction #WriteTribe

“Open the door”, hollered a six-year old Tina, locked up in the bathroom for the umpteenth time, as a punishment for breaking the new tea-set. She was afraid of the dark. Suddenly she heard a slithering sound. Something cold and… Continue Reading →

Mimi, I miss you.

My childhood was shaped under the influential eye of two very strong women. While one, undoubtedly, is my Mother, the other was my Granny. I thank my lucky stars to be born as the grand-daughter of a woman who showed me… Continue Reading →

Blog Love: WTFW day : 2

For today’s  challenge, Write Tribe Festival Of Words challenge: Day-2, we are supposed to show some blog-love; which means we need to think beyond  just our own selfish work and try to promote someone else’s blog in our page. And… Continue Reading →

The Lone Hermit

Rippling and gliding silently like a black python, the river shimmered like the stars in the heavens above, reflecting the lights of innumerable diyas from its banks. We were sitting in a boat, down the Ganges and in front of me was… Continue Reading →

How to get back your “Ex” this Valentine: The Language of Love

All these years I have been incredibly piqued by people who, according to my lofty self, behaved like “miserable losers” – friends sucking up to teachers to be in their good grace; colleagues posting their first ever appreciation awards in… Continue Reading →

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